The Struggle Has Ended

Greg Hewlett passed away on January 17th after nearly eight years of battling colon cancer. While we grieve his loss, we are comforted to know that he is with his Lord.

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Friday, July 4, 2003

Chemo on the Fourth of July

A lament. Of Greg.

(a blues/country tune)

Stuck in the wheels of a big machine.
Cogs as slow as I ever have seen.
The plan don't fit any other way
Than to hook me up on Independence Day
So ya'll have fun
Don't wait for me.
I'm at Houston's M.D.A.C.C.
I'm hangin' on, but I might just cry
For I'm takin' chemo on the Fourth of July
You can watch them works firin' in the sky
I'll be takin' drugs, but I won't get high
Irinotecan's killin' them cancer cells
And Xeloda's sendin' tumors straight to %*!@
So ya'll have fun
Don't wait for me.
I'm at Houston's M.D.A.C.C.
I'm hangin' on, but I might just cry
For I'm takin' chemo on the Fourth of July


Karen said...

You are amazing! I loved your lament.
In Christ,

Denise said...

I'm in awe of your mind! Having the mental energy and intellectual spunk to compose poetry after all of your endless ordeals of late, is truly a gift from God. I so appreciate your updates. We continue to pray for you and Chris daily and hope your treatment moves forward successfully. (Glad to hear that Dr Xiaong has been graced with a new attitude.)
All our love, hope and prayer,

Andrew said...

can i get an MP3?

Glen said...

Psalms 151?
I can't believe you made me laugh about chemo.
God bless you.

Carl said...

Of your many gifts, that gift of a sense of humor still shines brightly. It's a big gift.

Sue Hui said...

I am so glad that you wrote again. We were all getting anxious here when we did not see anything from you for a whole week. I am happy for you that the treatment is on the way and I am so sure that the cancer will soon be defeated. Everyone I have known personally has survived cancer of one type or another. My aunt has defeated three cancers in her life and is healthy and well in her 80's today. My husband's uncle has defeated colon cancer. My friend Maxine has defeated breast cancer.
For a while it seems to me that cancer is no longer a problem but the Vitiligo I have is. Vitligo does not kill but its psycological effect on the patient can be severe. Its only symptom is the loss of pigments which results in patches of milky white skin which can be unsightly when appearing on the visible parts of the body. The cuase of the disease is unknown. However, it is not contagious. The scientists do not know how to make the skin color grow back but somehow figured out how to remove the skin color all togather. The process is called de-pigmentation. Supposedly, Michael Jackson has Vitiligo. He decided to have de-pigmentation and thus become a white, literally. Facinating!
Hope you keep up the optimism. We are looking forward to seeing you back here soon!
Sue Hui
July 7, 2003

Greg said...

I'm a friend of Sarah Shay (we go to church together). She told me a bit about your ordeal and I thought I'd pass along a website which you may find helpful. There's a lady in our congregation who had Stage IV cancer and is now in remission. Through prayer and a radical diet, the cancer diminished to the point where she had normal "tumor marker levels". It hasn't been updated in a while but check out for a history and chronology of her (Kim Loftin). I'll add you to my prayer list that God will deliver you from this.

Terrie said...

Hi Greg,
Please know that you and your sweet wife are
in my thoughts and prayers. Keep running the
race. There are many that are cheering for you.
Looking forward to having you "back home".
In His Love and grace, Terrie Jones

Angie said...

I can even hear Johnny Cash crooning away to your well-written ditty! Good work!

Tricia said...

Hi Greg,
I know I'm late with this comment but I just have to tell you how cool I think your lament is. I can actually hear a guitarist strumming (maybe a bit faster than an average blues tune) and singing with all his heart. It sounds a bit irreverent to tell you that you had me laughing with this one, but thank you for sharing your humor and wit.