The Struggle Has Ended

Greg Hewlett passed away on January 17th after nearly eight years of battling colon cancer. While we grieve his loss, we are comforted to know that he is with his Lord.

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Monday, December 1, 2003

Schedule changes again

Christine and I threw a change of clothes in the car and headed to Houston for a quick trip to get chemo. The plan was the same as last time - get out of Houston while the steroids given with chemo were still in effect. That way we only stay in Houston for 36 hours.

Well, today we first met with Dr. Hoff and he decided that it was not wise for me to get chemo today. I was actually somewhat relieved because I still have symptoms from the bacterial infection, and I wondered if I my body could really take another round with the existing problems. He expressed this very concern and delayed this round of chemo until Dec 8 - next Monday. The last thing we need is an aborted round and another stay in the hospital.

Meanwhile, he thought we should go ahead and get the CT scans to see if there is progress in the shrinkage of the liver tumor. At our request, he gave us some more sobering details highlighting again the importance of getting that thing small enough to do surgery. Bottom line is that I need this surgery. So it will be good to get some data on how the tumor is doing.

The catch of this plan is that we may end up staying here for the week for these scans and then chemo next Monday. We'll know the schedule tomorrow morning. I never seem to know much further ahead than one day at a time, anyway.


John Slaughter said...

Still pulling for you.

Judy Kovacs said...

Greg, I feel for you. One day at a time with out Savior is not so bad! Stay in His will.

Syd said...

We know God never gives us more than we can handle;but don't you wish sometimes that He didn't think you were so strong ? :-)
We are praying for you and Christine ; without ceasing. !

Jim Loughrey said...

Dear Greg,
I am a friend of your Dad's and I have been facinated by your web site. Your strenghth is unbelievable to me. If I were faced with what you are handling, I would sit in a corner and suck my thumb.
The fact that Jim can work and be as active as he is and cope with this is also beyond me. If my son were where you are, I doubt that I could function at all.
The strengh and faith of your family is fantastic. I am deeply moved and very much in awe of what is going on.
I can see that what you are doing is the best way to treat the situation but it would not have been my first choice. Thanks for showing me and others how to deal with any adversity. You and your father are an inspiration.
Good luck. I anxiously await every email and pray that the news will be good and that I will get to meet you in the near future.
Jim Loughrey

Araceli said...

God in his great wisdom is watching out for you in ways you don't even know. It turns out to be such a blessing that Nils didn't see you yesterday as he started fighting a cold last night, and Tom�showed much evidence of a nasty stomach virus. You didn't need to be exposed to any of that! But we hope to see you before you leave... maybe at church!

Felisha said...

Thanks so much for the energy you put in to the website. We love to get your updates and we really love your reflections, thanks for sharing your heart. Ellis and I went skiing over Thanksgiving and he thought of you and how much you love to ski. You and Christine remain constantly on our hearts as we go before the Throne. Thanks to you and Bill for the Advent calendar.

Cody said...

I miss you both. I'm amazed at the way the Lord has enabled you to continue handling your situation. May his strength continue to be made perfect in your weakness. Thank you for the encouragement you provide by walking through this valley with faith in Christ. Don't forget that even Christ continues to pray for you (Rom 8, Heb 7). Love, Cody and Julie

Adam in Tokyo said...

Keep us upto date on your whereabouts - want to stop by either in Houston or Dallas while in Texas.
Bye for now - keep strong in the faith.
- Adam