The Struggle Has Ended

Greg Hewlett passed away on January 17th after nearly eight years of battling colon cancer. While we grieve his loss, we are comforted to know that he is with his Lord.

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Saturday, March 20, 2004

Visit from Sarah, Margus, and Mati

C_G_Terillis_sm.jpg Margus_Sarah_Terillis_sm.jpg Mati_bench_sm.jpg

Last weekend we enjoed a visit from Christine's sister, Sarah, and her husband, Margus, and little 20-month old Mati. We had a good, if short, time together. We had not seen them in quite some time because of our surgery-altered Christmas plans. Mati is such fun. He really liked the pigs and ducks at Spring Creek Farm. Here we are enjoying dinner and jazz at Terilli's. Mati was home asleep with a sitter. We didn't think he'd be in the mood for the night out. You can view the album here.

Meanwhile, I'm recovering very well from the surgery. I haven't had any significant pain for a couple weeks now. I began another round of chemo this week. It is beginning to wear on me somewhat - sort of a low-grade sickness and fatigue. The best thing for this seems to be sleep.


Curtis Frodge said...

hey man glad to hear the pain has been less, ill be praying for you to keep up your strenth durring this chemo. sure do miss ya man, hopefully ill see you soon.

Jim Loughrey said...

Dear Greg,
Just a personal note to tell you how your strength helped me recently. 2 weeks ago last Tuesday I went to a cardioligist and found that my heart was getting worse. My ejection fraction a year ago was 25%. that is less than half of normal. Now it is below 15%. The heart was failing. I felt fine but had no wind or strength.
The immediate thoughts were anger, concern, defeat and general dispair. Then I thought of you and your ordeals. If you can face life with a positive attitude, so can I. From then on, it was much easier. I let go and concentrated on getting back to what I was put here to do.
Friday I went in for my first surgery and had a pacemaker/defibrillator put into my chest. I am also taking some new medicine that is to make the heart stonger.
I do feel better because my heart must be pumping more blood. I can ride my stationary bike for 30 minutes at a low setting now.
Greg, I look forward to meeting you so I can thank you personally for your strength. I can't imagine the courage it takes you to keep up the website and to tell everyone, so matter of factly, how it is and how you feel. I am having trouble writing this to you. I wouldn't even try to tell anyone else how afraid, angry, defeated and alone I felt as I contemplated the worst that might be in store for me.
I know that I have been very blessed because my health has been so good for so many years. I abused my body when I was younger and now I am finding out the cost. If I could tell youngsters how important it is to take care of thenselves do you think it would help? Probably not.
God speed your recovery. You have a purpose greater than you know. You might want to think about taking all of your life's story and put it into a medical/spiritual/self help book. I believe it would be a best seller.
Thanks for everything.

Nils said...

You have hair again!

johnciavola said...

Looking Good, Brother.

karen clayton said...

Greg, what a blessing it was yesterday to see you serving communion. May the Lord continue to give you new strength each day.

johnciavola said...

Looking Good, Brother.

Carl said...

I hear golf course sounds