The Struggle Has Ended

Greg Hewlett passed away on January 17th after nearly eight years of battling colon cancer. While we grieve his loss, we are comforted to know that he is with his Lord.

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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Great Progress

I spoke to Greg by phone last night and got some more updates.
- He continues to improve; in fact he said he's doing better at this point than at the same point in previous surgeries.
- Yesterday his epidural was removal and he is now on oral painkillers. He is able to eat and drink small amounts and has continued making laps of the hospital floor with his walker.
- The length of his surgery was due to the discovery of two hernias, one quite large, and the surgeons' belief that he was strong enough to endure a longer surgery which would take care of these problems now. This is itself cause for thanksgiving.
- Private messages are arriving and Greg and Christine are very thankful for them. He has not yet been to the website but will do so when he is discharged, which could be as early as today.
I had a nice long conversation with Greg, an encouragement to me and a blessing that I wish for each of his friends and loved ones. Please pray that he would continue to improve rapidly so we each can be reunited with him soon.


Steve Taylor said...

An amazing trek! Praying that God will continue to give strength for a full recovery!!!

Rosemary Cromer Boustany said...

Wonderful news! All Judy & Jim's old friends from Drury are rejoicing and sending continuing good wishes!

Jim and Coco said...

That is great news and hopefully you will be released today. Your faithfulness is an encouragement to all of us.
God Bless

Jim and Coco said...

That is great news and hopefully you will be released today. Your faithfulness is an encouragement to all of us.
God Bless

Jean Gaffin said...

Hi Greg and Christine,
We've been following your progress with hope and prayer. Thanks so much for the beautiful words you spoke about Lisl, your partner in cancer. We're hoping that you will have a complete healing. She would want that, we know. When you are better and feeling your oats again, please come up this way and visit. Your friends at GVPC would love to see you both. Christine, I keep reading stuff to help with fibermyalgia (sp?) Hope you are finding many sources of help.
Love, Jean and Dick G.

Craig & Maria said...

Greg and Christine,
Praise God, you are a blessing to see believers trusting in the ONE to be trusted. We thank the Lord for you and the fact that you go to the Rock for healing, the Balm of Gilead!

Todd said...

Excellent report! You're in our prayers.

Sue Hui said...

Great news! We are so happy for you and looking forward to your return.

Lynn Scroggin said...

PTL You are blessed to be the blessing. Thank you for your strength. I feel that you are carrying all of us who are praying for you. Sounds crazy? Keep up the wonderful work Greg. We're all behind you. Tualatin Pres. Church.

Madeleine said...

Excellent news, Greg! To God be the glory. We look forward to seeing you among us again soon!

David Rea said...

Great news! Know that our thoughts and prayers are with you as you recover.

John said...

Greg, good to hear that things are progressing well. Looking froward to having you back here at the office. John

Henry Chu said...

It will be hard for our heart of thankfulness to match the magnitude of the goodness that God has shown to Greg, but we can always try.
Greg and Family, do you recall the hymn "Jesus, Rose of Sharon"? The verses in the second stanza goes as follows:
Jesus, Rose of Sharaon,
Balm for every ill,
May Thy tender mercy's healing pow'r distil
for afflicted souls of weary burdened men.
Giving needy mortals
health and hope again.
Jesus, Rose of Sharon,
Bloom in radiance and in love within my heart.
May it be our prayer and our priases.

Karen Clayton said...

Lucy sends a "lick"! She was so happy to hear that one of her favorite humanoids was doing great.

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Chuck Roberts said...

I'm so glad to hear of your good recovery from surgery. I think of you and Christine often and I'm praying for both of you.

Carl said...

God is truly Great. Thank You Lord