The Struggle Has Ended

Greg Hewlett passed away on January 17th after nearly eight years of battling colon cancer. While we grieve his loss, we are comforted to know that he is with his Lord.

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Thursday, March 3, 2005

Good to go

dr rod w greg.JPG

Today, Dr. Rodriguez-Bigas removed my drainage tube. This was the last foreign attachment holding me in Houston. Because it had been in for such a long period of time, he wanted to pull it out strong and fast. He put his hand around the insertion spot and pulled the tube not unlike starting a lawn mower. It was so fast, I wasn't sure what happened.

He tells us we are now free to leave town. I am so pleased to have made it to this long-awaited day!

Below are a couple of nurse friends who have helped me through the past few weeks. Phyllis, on the right, is the RN. Dr. Rodriguez-Bigas does the cutting, she does everything else!



Sue Hui said...

I am so happy for you. You have claimed another victory in your fight against the cancer. Way to go!

Emily Radke said...

We are so glad to hear that you are heading home! May the Lord continue to bless your recovery.
Love, the Radkes

John & Ruth said...

Praise God! What wonderful news! We look forward to having you both back home.
(Your description of the drainage tube removal brought back a painful memory (figuratively for me, literally for Jay) of that procedure after Jay's spinal fusion. You should get him to tell you about it.)

Adam & Amanda said...

Great news Greg, I hope for a speedy trip up I-45.
So where is the throttle....
- Adam

Nguyen said...

Thanks for the pictures and the good news. You looked as if not much has happenned to you and that in itself in inspirational to us all.
You're always in our thoughts.
Nguyen, Lyndie, Vivian and Anna

Bill Peck said...

Greg and Christine,
Glory to God in the highest!! He has answered all our prayers.

sarah said...

These pictures bring tears of joy to my eyes. It is great to see you up and looking well!

Larry Riddle said...

I'll never forget the time I was layed up in the hospital when I had busted my left leg and that doc came in and removed that drainage tube. I hadn't been out of surgery 3 days and I thought he was a ripping my leg off. Then if I thought that was bad they teke me down to put the cast on and they bend my leg and stand back as they do so or out of harms way as best they could because I was a swinging and a cussing. I thought they had literally detached my leg then....

Dan And Syd Christen said...

PRaise God---We have been praying.
And praise God for the Phyllis's of the world--without them--where would we be?
We will continue to pray!!!

Gary W. said...

Great news! Just wanted to let you know that you're in our thoughts and prayers.
Gary W.

Willeyne Berger said...

So glad that the operation is now behind you and you can go home and recover in your own home. Enjoy your wonderful family, Willeyne

David Rea said...

Wonderful news Greg. We're praying for a full recovery.

John and Debbie Ciavola said...

You are such an inspiration, it is amazing!
The way that The Lord has worked through you is so uplifting.
We pray for your full recovery!!

anne said...

you look MAHHHHHVELOUS! Your face does not show the hell that you have been through. We are so thankful that you are on the road to recovery and will be heading home (to Dolce!).
the murrays

Roland Lindh said...

Ah-ah! Now I see the reason for the resemblence to the "Tuba Man" asked in a previous comment! ....Or rather, perhaps.... you are the "Tube Man?" Oh what a difference one small alphabetic letter can make!

Craig & Maria said...

GREG, WE ARE SO THANKFUL THAT THE lORD HAS HEALED YOU. May you continue to heal in the Lord. Praise God you are heading home.
Maria & Craig