The Struggle Has Ended

Greg Hewlett passed away on January 17th after nearly eight years of battling colon cancer. While we grieve his loss, we are comforted to know that he is with his Lord.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Berry or banana?

When I reported Monday morning for the CT scan, I was looking forward to the question "Do you like berry or banana flavor for your barium drink?" I'm always ready with one of the bad jokes from my hospital repertoire. I usually go with "Neither" or "Do you have the chalky one that tastes like antifreeze." One of those will usually get a chuckle from the nurse. Then I get to do one of my favorites. When I'm on the table they always intercom to me from the radition-free control room, "Is everything ok, Mr Hewlett?" To which I like to respond, "About as ok as a guy can be with a needle in his arm and a tube up his rear."

But Monday, I was pleasantly surprised to find out, there was no barium or tube -- only to be reminded that they just wanted to look at my lungs.

If you recall, I am coming for my three-month checkup a month earlier because they were concerned about something they saw in my lungs in the last CT scan. They hoped it was nothing, said it usually turns out to be nothing, but here I am to find out.

I find out tomorrow. Please pray with me for some good news. Also, remember Christine - I left her in Dallas today (I drove down twice this week) because she had another bad migraine - really the same one she had on Monday that kept her from coming down then, too.


Scott "One-Leg" Rogers said...

Hey Brother: Just wanted to let you know that we have been remembering you in our prayers. I am mighty glad God's given you the grace & mercy to see this through. I won't pretend to say "I know it's tough", when in reality, I know very little of what you're enduring, other than to say that I do know what it's like to have to strap on a leg everyday.
Please remember Leisa and I in your prayers. We're praying about adding to our already-large family. Last April, she gave birth to our 7th child, and at age 42, she's really torn as to have another one or not... Personally, I'd love to see her bring another new life into the world, but I am not pressuring her nor making the decision for her.......
Thank you for your friendship, and for your witness.
Your brother in Christ,
Scott Rogers

Rosemary Cromer Boustany said...

Greg, you - and Christine - are always in our prayers, as are your parents Judy and Jim, friends from our college days.
Rosemary, a KD friend of Judy (Jinx) from Drury

Henry Chu said...

You and Joni Ericson Tada are so good at lifting people's spirit, and you have done it again.
Yes, we will uplift You in prayer. In how Jesus commanded the storm to be "still", we pray that He says the same to the tempest in your heart and our hearts as we wait on the report together, and wait on Him.
Joining all the others in supplications for Christine and for you.

Carl said...

We pray in Jesus's Holy Name for Total healing for you and Christine

John & Debbie said...

We are absolutley praying for you and Christine. You both are in our thoughts and prayers.