The Struggle Has Ended

Greg Hewlett passed away on January 17th after nearly eight years of battling colon cancer. While we grieve his loss, we are comforted to know that he is with his Lord.

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Friday, February 9, 2007

Going to Philadelphia this weekend

I was pleased that Christine was able to come down to Houston to join
me for the appointment with Dr. Hoffstetter. Given the fact that there
are no more necessary appointments or immediately impending surgery,
and the fact that we are living from suitcases this week, we decided to
go to Philadelphia for the Memorial Service of my friend, Al Groves (which,
by the way, will possibly be webcast from

We want to pay our respects to Al, whom I admired, appreciated, and will
greatly miss. We will be staying with our friends the Lindhs in
Ft. Washington and are excited to reunite with our friends at Gwynedd
Valley Church and the WTS community.


Sandy said...

So happy to hear the good report! Praise to our Lord! I pray that your trip to PA will be filled with joy and refreshment.
Love you!

Carolyn Cotta said...

Greg, I have been praying about Christine's headaches and two things came up recently. A friend had these severe headaches too and found relief from a Dr. Tim White at the Ryan Headache Clinic here in St. Louis has his very own pills that really help. Maybe he would share with your Dr. in Texas. Also a chiropractor does Upper Cervical chiropractic and has many accoladades from headache sufferers. Though he too is local, maybe she could hook you up with someone down there. Dr. Adam Tanase, 314-749-9006. I will continue to pray for you both. Carolyn (Judy's college friend).

John & Debbie said...

Greg, We are so happy to hear that you will be in the Philly area! Is there any chance that we can meet up with you and Christine? We are just 20 minutes from Ft. Washington. Please let us know if you think you might have anytime at all, no matter how small, we would love to see both of you again.
John and Debbie

Daniel Hwang said...

I wish I can travel to Philly too. While I mourn in Colorado over Al's death, I miss the time we often play ping-pong in student lounge and swing irons. For Christine, I wonder if you ever think about acupuncture... Daniel and Jaeok (303-946-3593).

Susan Djurkovic said...

Hi Greg
I know Pat Neil from church and a received an email requesting prayer for your situation. I would like you to thoroughly listen to many teaching on this website so that you may be convinced that it is God's will to heal and that sickness and disease is not from God but from Satan. We have all authority over Satan (Luke 10:19). Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil. This ministry has powerful testimonies of people cured of cancer and other disease without having to suffer side effects from medicine.
The website is What you will learn will completely change your way of thinking about God and everything else that happens in this earth. He has a "church' here in Dallas near Walnut Hill and I-35 on Sundays 2pm-4pm,
I pray that you will have ears to hear and eyes to see and that you will have wisdom and revelation in applying what you learn.
Look forward to hearing from you regarding this.
A sister in Christ

Meenu said...

HI Greg,
Al was a friend of mine and when I saw that he found inspriation in your story, I had to come and visit your site. I was also at Al's memorial service and left feeling the love of God and a peace that can only be found in Him. I pray that you will continue to grow closer to Him throughout your journey.
I read an excerpt from "Simply Christian" and found it very interesting. Can you recommend a book that takes a look at the differences between the religions of the world? I have a good friend who is Hindu, and we discuss religion regularly. Her attitude is that all religion is the same basic story, which we know is not accurate. But, I would like to take her through the differing points (ie the death and resurrection of Christ, the forgiveness of sins without "good works", that we are all sinners, that "being a good person" does not get you into heaven, etc) by using a book that is an easy read; one that is not written in a legalistic manner. My pastor already recommended Ravi Zacharias, which I am planning to read, but I am open to other suggestions. I DO appreciate that her open Hindu background allows her to explore other religions. I care about her and would love to see her explore a little more deeply...