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Greg Hewlett passed away on January 17th after nearly eight years of battling colon cancer. While we grieve his loss, we are comforted to know that he is with his Lord.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Trouble with scrubs

The CT scan, as usual, leaves me in poor shape for gastrointestinal reasons I will not go into here. Today, they said I didn't need to change clothes. I could keep the scrubs top, because I am staying at the Rotary House, a hotel connected to and owned by the hospital. I could just return it at the hotel.

This top is a loose fitting shirt they give you for the scan, but is also like those worn by surgeons and other folks at the top of the complex political hierarchy of MD Anderson staff.

Well, it so happens that the Rotary House is in the walking path from the hospital to the staff parking and public transportation. So as I milled about today in jeans with my scrubs top, I was seen by hundreds of hospital employees streaming by. Normally, I am pretty much invisible to them. But today, I was getting eyed over a bit. As the day went on, I noticed it a bit more. The looks were more like awkward glares than curious glances. I ignored it, thinking that I was just being self-conscious with impersonator guilt. Or maybe they thought I was shop-lifting their clothing.

It all became clear in the parking garage tonight. A nurse, whose age and step indicated high status and experience, was walking towards me in a direction closer than comfortable. She reached out, pinched my leg, and reprimanded me "Tsk, tsk, Doctor, you know better than to be wearing jeans!"


Gary Waldecker said...

Very funny!!

Andrew said...

Yes Doctor, make sure you wear pants next time.
and sling a stethescope around your neck while you're at it.

Doug McCammish said...

Could you go into do-it-yourself surgery? What else do you need? A sharp knife?
Aside, please ask your dad to write me. I've tried all the addresses I had for him with no luck.
Thanks, Doug

todd said...

Good story, Greg!

Henry Chu said...

With the amount treatment you have gone thru, you have more personal expereince than doctors.
Witht he research you have done concerning medication and diagnosis, you are either on par or exceeded the knowledge of many doctors.
Somehow I wish they will reward you for being so knowlegable and so experienced. But I am sure that you will be able to help many with what you know and what you have gone through.
God Bless,

Carl said...

Greg, when you start adding up all the time you have logged in at MD Anderson in your lifetime, you may have completed residency requirements. Maybe your new doctor title is not far from the mark. Something to think about.

Denise said...

Great story, Greg. Just when you needed some comic relief...........voila!!!!!!!!! You definitely fit the studious med profile.
If only the average hospital physician had your wisdom and experience, we would all have more faith in the profession.
Love to you and Chris.