The Struggle Has Ended

Greg Hewlett passed away on January 17th after nearly eight years of battling colon cancer. While we grieve his loss, we are comforted to know that he is with his Lord.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Maintenance Chemo

I realized I have not written an update in a long time. Currently I am taking "maintenance chemo" consisting of oral Xeloda twice a day for 14 days followed by 7 days of rest. In addition I get an Avastin infusion every 21 days. The idea is to take enough chemo to keep the cancer in check, but at a recipe level that is reasonably tolerable. It's kind of like being in a military stalemate and shooting a few rounds across the enemy line every day just to let them know you're ready and make sure they don't get any ideas of advancing. If I go off chemo for much more than a month, Dr. Eng is concerned the cancer can get going with too much momentum. But to take the heavy stuff would be cruel and unusual punishment on my beaten body.

My scans just before the emergency surgery were stable. And my C.E.A. on July 22 was measured to be a very low 2.0, which is a good sign that things are well under control. I am increasing in strength and health due to some other things I'm doing under the advisement of MD Anderson's fatigue clinic. Christine commented that I actually seem to be in better strength and condition now on the maintenance chemo than when I was in remission.

But to be candid, I want to be getting rid of the cancer and not just being "stable". I don't want to be "doing well", I want to be clean of this stuff. Right now, though, they want to keep this going as it is. So I'm trying to build up strength and live as fully as possible until some new opportunity or obstacle comes in this fight.

In early October I'll be scanned and may get a month off.


sarah said...

It was great seeing you and Christine at Bethany. I heard Christine was fighting the waves after we left! Glad she is okay. Hope to talk to you guys soon.

Margie Cole said...

Greg, it was good to get your report and know that you are "hanging in there". You and Christine continue to be in my daily prayers and I know that God has given you the strength and hope to get through each day. May God Bless you and be with you constantly.

Don Cole said...

Hi Greg;
Just a note to let you know Barb and I continue to pray for you and Christine. We love you guys.
Don and Barb

Sue Hui said...

I am glad to see your updates again after a long while. Being stable and well is quite an accomplishment for treating cancers. You and your doctor have certainly done a great job.
Your talent of explaining things always amazes me. I just came back from visiting DC area and Gettysburg, your little war metaphor just hit home. Please tell Christine that I think Maryland is such a beautiful area.
Keep up the spirit. We are still praying for you.

Ver said...

Marilyn and I thank you for your update. You are in our prayers as we ask for God's intervention and that His will be done as He directs your journey of healing. May God continue to be with you and Christine always!
In Christian love,
Verdell and Marilyn