The Struggle Has Ended

Greg Hewlett passed away on January 17th after nearly eight years of battling colon cancer. While we grieve his loss, we are comforted to know that he is with his Lord.

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Monday, November 17, 2003

Didn't quite make it through the round

I had to abort this round of chemo treatment last night when I had just one day remaining. The diarrhea spun out of control on day 13 of the 14 days of chemo and my doctor had me stop this round to avoid my becomming dehydrated. This is a bit frustrating, as we'll probably reduce the dosage somewhat for next round. I remind myself it is a small bump in a long road. As we look back at all the chaos associated with my getting obstructed and having to stop chemo a couple months ago, it now seems to be as good as any plan the doctors could have designed. Those first few rounds instead of immediate surgery were not a mistake - they cleaned my blood system of the cancer and shrunk the liver tumor considerably before the six week break for surgery. Still, my comfort today is the same as it was during that setback - to pray with David, "All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be." (Ps 139)

I'm very glad that Christine was able to visit her family. She's enjoying herself, but she also wishes with these recent troubles that she could be with me. With her absence, she requested I stay the night with my parents in case I get too dehydrated. So after watching the Cowboys get shellacked by the Patriots (what a waste of time), I went over there for the night.

My doctor, answering my page from Boston last night, discussed my situation with me and emphasized repeatedly the importance of getting better to avoid checking into the hospital today. The remedy was simple - stop the chemo, take higher than indicated doses of over-the-counter Immodium, and drink as much Gatorade as possible to rehydate myself. This is reminiscent of my previous battle with cancer in 1982-5. After twenty years and billions of dollars in cancer research, the best help dealing with chemo is still Gatorade. I can imagine a new advertising campaign. Tough looking cancer patients ... no hair ... chugging Gatorade ... cool blue sweat dripping down their foreheads. "Is it in you?"


Dan & Syd said...

Now you can make commercials!! For Gatorade !
We are praying for and Christine.
Love Dan And Syd

Roland Lindh said...

I would have thought that all the time you spent with us in Philadelphia, watching teams that know how to lose with consistency, would have cured you of wanting to be associated with winning teams. Give it up. Your still living in a Landry induced dream world. The Cowboys are not "America's Team." Become a "Bengal" fan or something. Look for the loss. That way you won't be disappointed. Now that the "Eagles" are winning, we Philly folk just wonder what is going on! We know that the losses will eventually come. That way we are never discouraged. Like the soldiers of old you should say, "NFL moguls - we Cowboy fans who are about to get creamed, salute you."

Carl said...

I've lost track of the rounds, but I know who will win the fight.

curtis frodge said...

hey buddy, sorry i havnt had any posts lately lots o tests and homework. sorry to hear about you recent "activity" dude ill be prayin for that good old floridian gatorade to fix ya up man. glad to hear christine is doin well with her family, migranes not bothering her anymore? well dude i love ya and i hope to see you soon, it was great seeing you dad this weekend did he tell you about that? if not ask him :) see ya bro

Dave Belicheck said...

Maybe you should get those Cowboys on Gatorade?
Shoot, Q. Carter almost gave me diarrhea last night. Those officials should have given you diarrhea last night.
BB 4, BP 1

Sally Rasmussen said...

Greg, I'm so sorry to hear about having to stop the chemo. It must have been one tough week for you trying to keep on. You are a real fighter. I think back & remember how God brought you through each step of the way while you were here. Things were tough for both you & Christine, yet you were courageous & strong,(& humorous) and I could clearly see how God was with you. Remember your hope is not in how well chemo seems to be going, but in the Lord. Sally

Judy Kovacs said...

Greg and Christine, I can't but think that this is the best for you. Doctors don't know exactly the dosage any one person actually needs. Am praying to that end. Love to you both, Judy

bradenbaugh said...

Remember that God in control and he knows all these things that were going to happen. Trust him and know that he has the very best for you. Your in our prayers daily.
Maria & Craig

JIm and Coco said...

Just another speed bump on the road of life. You guys continue to be in our prayers and next week on Thanksgiving Day I'll thank the LORD for you and your family and what you have meant to us.
God Bless..........

Jerry McFarland said...

Though the miles and trials are many we continue to pray for you and your family. You are a testiomny to the Lord and a great encouragement to us all!
Jerry McFarland
P.S. Got a favorite flavor for Gatorade?

Josh Geiger said...

A Bump in the road, Greg. Keep on truckin'!! We are praying for you and your wife.
With you in His grip, Joshua

Adam in Tokyo said...

Thank God you have the Living Water coursing through your spirit to sustain you.
Looks like the 'pokes could use a little more of the blue stuff though....
See you soon - family will be in Dallas from Dec 8th.
- Adam

nancy brunone said...

Our prayers are with you. Thank the Lord for your continued wonderful sense of humor