The Struggle Has Ended

Greg Hewlett passed away on January 17th after nearly eight years of battling colon cancer. While we grieve his loss, we are comforted to know that he is with his Lord.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2004


This recovery is grueling. They said at some point I would begin to experience "extreme fatigue" as part of the liver regeneration process. I now know what they were talking about. I often cannot even raise myself to watch television or read. And yet, sleep is extremely difficult to come by. Both of us have slept very little in the past three days, which included one night at the ER. No word yet on results whether I have additional problems than simply being someone who just lost three-quarters of his liver. They say this fatigue could last a month or two. Oh, that the days would zoom by faster. As it is, each minute just creeps by. Lord, have mercy.


Madeleine said...

As Syd said, PRAYERS, PRAYERS AND MORE PRAYERS. Thanks so much for staying in touch. Will pray for relief from your agony, Greg. Lord be merciful to your servants, Greg and Christine, for your glory and in Christ's name, Amen.

Syd And Dan said...

Dear Greg,
We pray God will be merciful and give you strength. We pray you are able to have refreshing sleep.
We love you.

Carl said...

and Amen

Steve said...

i hope you will soon be able to get
some sleep and relief from fatigue
liked your January 2nd reference to
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
hang in there

Colleen said...

Greg, your strength of character in dealing with this has been as impressive as anyone I've ever known. Thank you for your frequent updates. We've all been following everything you write and there are many more people than you can know about praying for you.

The MacNallys said...

A good friend of mine, Dr. Bill Harding, said "that the bottom line of faith is clinging to the character of GOD." Hang on and keep clinging.

Judy Kovacs said...

Greg & Christine, The time seems to creep by, but in the scope of all eternity, it is just a blimp. Hang on to that thought. In retrospect, you will look back and wonder how quickly it all went. God is right there beside you, holding you up!!

john and debbie said...

Our prayers continue to be with you. Debbie wept for you last night, we prayed for you and Christine. God will never abandon you, continue to reach for HIM. He has already worked wondrous miracles of recovery within you.
"He who began a good work in you....will be faithful to complete it."
John and Deborah Ciavola

Mary DuVal said...

You and Christine are constantly in my thoughts. Your focus and strength of character is no less than amazing!! Thank you for your humor and openness about your experiences, it shows the depth of your groundness (an inspiration indeed).
I hope you make it home to Dallas soon. I am sure Dulce misses you both. We truly enjoyed the opportunity to share our home with her. Her name truely reflects her disposition. I also enjoyed the opportunity to meet different members of your family. What a great support system!
Keep the focus and enjoy rest as it comes.

Henry Chu said...

Dear Greg and Family,
We dedicated a portion of the church prayer meeting time last night, to plead for you before the Soverign Lord and to uplift you, your family, and the doctors/nurses into His mercy and loving goodness.
May our God quickly bring forth to you, solid progress and removal of unceasing discomfort of immense magnitude; and replace them with peacefulness and comfort, like a weaned child in the mother's bossom, and as a little lamb in the powerful arms of the loving shepherd. That in fatigue, you are given rest and your strength be restored. May He grant you good spirit and joy that surpass reasons. Oh how difficult it is to be joyful at times, yet it is what the Lord has ordained in us! So dear Jesus, make Greg and Christine joyful, Lord; and let them find rest in You as You have promised, for they are indeed heavily laden yet faithful.
There were over 40 people in the church prayer meeting last night; and we prayed with one heart for your ful recovery.
Praying for you in Christ, in God the Father, and in the Holy Spirit, Amen.

josh geiger said...

Dear Greg & Christine, Thanks for the update. We will continue praying. We were at TNPC this past Sunday and missed seeing you guys there. It was another reminder to us to keep praying for you, which we will do.
With you in His grace, Joshua