The Struggle Has Ended

Greg Hewlett passed away on January 17th after nearly eight years of battling colon cancer. While we grieve his loss, we are comforted to know that he is with his Lord.

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Sunday, January 11, 2004

Steadily gaining strength

My strength is gradually improving each day. On Thursday, we spoke with Dr. Vauthey's PA, Steve Wei, and they decided that I did not need to come in on Friday and that I could go back to Dallas anytime after this weekend. We are currently planning on driving back with some friends on Tuesday. I am so ready for my own house, my own bed, my own chair, my own dog. We left in a hurry before Christmas and it is hard to imagine that time. The surgery and recovery have made Dallas seem like the distant past.

Christine has come down with a virus of some sort. We just can't seem to get ahead these days! We are discouraged at the situation and hope that this does not get severe or last long.

Every day, I have been trying to do something to get myself out of the house. Thursday night, my friend, Pat Roach, took me to see my alma mater, Rice, play basketball. Pat and I met while we were both attending Westminster Seminary. Pat serves in a college ministry serving Rice students through Christ the King Church. Saturday afternoon I went to see another game with Nils and his son Matias. Rice is looking pretty tough this year. They are 11-3 with two of their losses being rather close calls to #1 U-Conn and #4 Stanford. Go Owls! Today I went to church and enjoyed worshipping with the Rasmussens and Sarah Shay. The past few weeks have given me much for which I am thankful.

After any outing, I come home and crash. Right now, I'd say I have about 3-4 hours of energy in me every day. The liver is regenerating fast, based on what they know about how it heals. Steve Wei told me that my blood counts confirm strong growth of the liver. I should be back to full strength by the end of February.

That is, other than the fact that I will begin chemotherapy soon. My next appointment, during which I will likely begin another round of chemo, is January 26 - only two weeks away. That soon?! They don't mess around with cancer at MD Anderson. I suppose that's fine by me.


Ellis said...

Great to hear how your are recovering! Your updates keep on reminding me of my own frailness and God's power and compassion. Hang in there. The two of you are constantly in our prayers.

Sue Hui said...

Greg, It is great to hear that you are recovering fast. It is wonderful to learn that the liver can grow back so quickly. We are looking forward to seeing you back here soon.

Carl said...

Thank You Lord

Henry Chu said...

We rejoice with you upon each good news reported concerning your progress. We also pray that the gracious hand of our Lord will quickly work wonder on Christine's condition, as He has done upon you.
So glad to hear that you went to worship and Rice basket ball games. One of the members in our church recently went through a kidney transplant, and he wears a mask to church, inorder to cut down the chances of catching something from those coughing among the congregation. Does your doctor recommend any such precaution measures?
The weather back in Dallas is reasonably mild in the afternoon, but it still can be nippy in the eveninings. Looking forward to hear from you after you settle back in your own home.
Would you happen to have the orchestrated audio Bible on CD put out by Tyndale Press, the set with soothing background music and sound effects?
In Christ,

Denise said...

So glad to hear you are out and about...that's good news and good therapy! Hope you can enjoy some relative strength the next couple weeks before your last round of chemo. We will be praying that the time passes quickly and that you can stay clear of hospitals for a long time to come.
Hello This is Luke.... Greg I hope you will get better soon. We all have you in our prayers. we miss you and we hope you will be able to visit us in Maryland soon. Also i want a chess match.
Love from the Rebetsky Family