The Struggle Has Ended

Greg Hewlett passed away on January 17th after nearly eight years of battling colon cancer. While we grieve his loss, we are comforted to know that he is with his Lord.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2004

Thanksgiving break


I have not been up to writing lately. I've had a cold that lasted two weeks. My theory is that the chemo kept me from recovering quickly. I am just now getting over it - in time to take round three. Currently, I am hooked up to the fanny-pump, which is trickling in the beneficial poison.

Although I was feeling poorly, we decided to take a short-notice trip to Christine's family for Thanksgiving in Maryland. My schedule was looking chaotic during Christmas and the chemo wears on me a little more each round. So we figured now was the time to visit. I mostly slept, which is what I would have been doing in Dallas. Besides my feeling crummy, we had a wonderful time with the family. We were especially happy to meet our newest neice and goddaughter - Mia, who is in the photo being held my her dad, Margus.

melina_sm.jpgWe spent a couple days in Glen Ridge, NJ, where both of Christine's sisters live. Christine got to watch Melina and Sarabeth in the community theater production of Oliver. Afterwards, they acted most of the musical out for me at home - Melina is singing "Where is love" in the photo.

Last Tuesday, we had a small scare with a fever I developed. Because this chemo can cause white blood cell problems, my doctor told me to go to the ER. So Carl, Christine and I spent the night at the Johns Hopkins ER in Baltimore. My counts turned out to be good, which meant it was a normal fever associated with the virus rather than chemo related trouble.

Dr. Hoff has changed my schedule a bit. He wants to get the CT scans after round three, not after round four. If the chemo is showing effectiveness, I will still get a fourth round. He just wants to get a jump start on working on "twisting the arm" of a surgeon to work on me - either on the lung spot or the lower abdominal spot. He is still hopeful with the new drugs that we can kill any spots that aren't showing up on the scans while surgically removing the ones that are.

Thanks for hanging with us and for joining us on your knees before our Lord to whom we give thanks.



Veta Taylor said...

Greg, we so happy that Christine and you were able to spend time with her family. Thank you for
keeping us informed about you. We are so impressed with your strength but most of all in your deep faith for our Lord Jesus. May Christine and you have a wonderful Christmas.
Our prayers are with you daily.
Dallas and Veta Taylor

Curtis Frodge said...

well greg,
im glad to hear you got some time away even if it meant sleeping somewhere else for a while at least it was a nice little change and im sure christine enjoyed seeing her fam also. i am still praying for you man. God bless and dont forget to be a beacon for Him.

Dave Thom said...

Some people track how many baseball stadiums they've been to. (8* for me.) I bet you could count stadiums AND hospitals. What's the count? Did I miss commentary from you during the Sox' eight game streak over the Yanks & Cards? How were you doing then?
You look "pastorly" sitting there in your red sweater with the little girl. Throw white hair on you and you get John Stott. Thow a white beard on you and what'd'ya got?
*Let's compare:
The Vet (demolished, in Philly)
Olympic (?) (Old Expo place - demolished)
Dodger Stadium

Davo said...

Musta had a mental block. Forgot Yankee stadium. Wild experience to go to see the hated nine. Speaking of baseball, ever read "The Brothers K?" by David Duncan. Facinating "baseball" novel.

BoB & Sandra said...

Greetings Greg & Christine:
So good to get an update. And pleased you were able to travel to the East Coast. We always enjoyed visiting Maryland. My first ship is now a museum at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. This must make me an antique also.
Are you still in need of blood transfusions? If so we are still willing to travel to Dallas or Houston to provide this support. Let us know how we may share a day with you. We have been passing along your updates to my mom so that she is aware of your challenges and successes. You have our prayers every day.
God Bless,
BoB E. & Lady Sandra