The Struggle Has Ended

Greg Hewlett passed away on January 17th after nearly eight years of battling colon cancer. While we grieve his loss, we are comforted to know that he is with his Lord.

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Monday, May 23, 2005

Status after trip to Houston

Highlights of our trip:

* CT scan was clear - no visible cancer. I am so thankful for this good result.

* CEA (cancer blood marker) was up to 4.6 (normal is below 3-4). This is "some concern" to my oncologist, but not alarm. It has gone up due to chemo in the past, so it is possible that the elevation does not indicate microscopic cancer. I pray not.

* Radiation/chemo is next to reduce chances of recurrence in the area of the last surgery. I decided to have this done in Houston at MD Anderson with the team of doctors I've grown to respect and who know my case well. External radiation treatments will be daily from 5/31 until 7/12. I will take chemo (Xeloda) at 75% level during this time to make radiation work better. It's not looking to be pleasant, and long term side effects include a small possibility of getting another cancer. But all doctors involved seem to be in agreement that it is best to go ahead with this treatment. It's funny - the chemo oncologist told me the radiation will be worse than chemo. The radiation oncologist said, no, chemo is worse. I guess I'll find out.

* After radiation treatments, the plan is for 8 more weeks of chemo. So, that puts me at a end-of-treatment date around mid September.

* The hernia repair during last surgery turned out not to last very long. A new hernia has developed several inches long in my ab wall. This will require surgery, although it can wait a year or two. Funny how cancer changes perspective. Before diagnosis, if I were told I had to have gut-opening surgery to repair a hernia, it would have been a pretty big deal. Now, it's like, "is anybody going to die? prob." Seriously, this is disappointing, but doesn't strike fear down deep the way cancer news does. You think maybe I could sell my ab on ebay and just get a new one?


Dave said...

Good grief! You spend enough time with chemicals and radiation to be an X-Man.
Hewlett-Man! The Compassionate X-Man!
Uses sincere support and empathy to break the will of evil-doers everywhere! With his hands tied behind his back, from a hospital bed, Hewlett-Man breaks up the Democratic Party, The Chinese Communist Thugs, and the New York Yankees. Put behind a computer keyboard (with his hands untied) he brings compassion to every individual he touches.
Go Hewlett-Man Go!
Dave "Stan Lee Who?" Thom

Glenn said...

Dave, you're so wrong-- like Hewlett-Man would be anti the Democratic Party. H-Man is non-partisan.
That's all the silliness I can do, but Dave Thom, "The Man With Two First Names," brings it out in me.
Greg, glad to hear of your report. I follow the reports and pray and I'm delighted by God's work in your life and in your family.
When you have downtime and want theological stimulation, check out the group blog Common Grounds Online. We don't exactly write FOR YOU, but it's the stuff I think you'd love.

Henry Chu said...

Dear Greg and Christine,
I will keep you and Christine in my mind and prayer.

Judy Kovacs said...

Greg, everything IS relative and your reoccuring hernia is NOTHING compared to what you have already been through. Hang in there. God is showing His might and power through you. You are a wonderful witness of grace and faith through the valley. Thanks, brother.

max said...

Wow, finally sounds like the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. :)

Willeyne Berger said...

Hi Greg, I took those chemo pills along with my radiation and didn't find radiation was bad at all except for maybe one week. I had to get off the chemo pills because of too much diahrea (AFTER THREE WEEKS OF THEM)but then after surgery of my colon, they found three lymph nodes with cancer so I have to go through chemo too. My tumor shrunk well and I will let you know which I think is worse. I begin chemo June 6 at 21 days intervals taking the injection and the chemo pills. Drs. are pleased with the results in people so hang in there. I think and pray for you daily. Hope to see your folks in a couple of weeks. Love, Willeyne

Sarah Hazel said...

Hey ya'll! Do you think you will be up for dinner while you're in town? We could host a party for you if you want....?

Carl said...

In Jesus's Holy Name, thank you Father for the progress.

Curtis Frodge said...

Hey Greg, sorry to hear you have to have more treatments but you will be very much in my prayers. I miss going to town north and see you, maybe we will get to see eachother some time soon. Hope you are feeling better. I love you and miss you man!

Daisy Yu said...

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My dad is also going through Cancer, he has stage III rectal cancer. During the treatment, my dad is taking "Grapeseed extract" and it has helped him a lot during the initial 6 weeks of chemo/radiation treatment. Maybe u can try as well.
You are in my prayer, I know what you and your family are going through. There is another site: that is very useful as well.