The Struggle Has Ended

Greg Hewlett passed away on January 17th after nearly eight years of battling colon cancer. While we grieve his loss, we are comforted to know that he is with his Lord.

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Friday, October 14, 2005

Mostly clear

We spent all day yesterday meeting with docs at MD Anderson. (I was told "MD" is short for for "most-of-the-day" - because that's what you spend there once you walk through the doors)

We got the results that my scans are mostly clear. The reason for "mostly" is that there is an area that is growing near the ab wall. In fact, it can be felt from the outside. The scan suggests it is liquid, but they cannot be sure. The first doctor to look at it was somewhat concerned. Later (a long hour), when we met with my surgeon, Dr. Rodriguez, he reviewed the situation and seemed convinced it is an infection related to an old surgery stitch or a slight tear in the big hernia I have. To a cancer patient, stuff like infections and hernias are in the good news category. There was some talk about staying in town for a biopsy, but they decided to just give me oral antibiotics for 14 days and just see if it goes down. They are holding off on scheduling checkups until this is resolved.

We'll be able to watch the situation from Dallas, so we're heading home.. with cautious optimism.


Roach said...

Glad to hear it, Greg. Good seeing you and Christine at RUF-Rice the other night.

sarah said...

Sounds good Greg! We look forward to you coming east now that better health is in the forecast! We miss you guys.

Nils said...

Will continue to pray for encouraging results. Heck, I’ll even go whole-hog and pray for better than cancer-patient “good news.”

Willeyne Berger said...

Greg, You are one brave man and I admire you and your strength. I wish I had your strength as since my 5th chemo I have been having trouble but hopefully we both can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Love to your family, Willeyne