The Struggle Has Ended

Greg Hewlett passed away on January 17th after nearly eight years of battling colon cancer. While we grieve his loss, we are comforted to know that he is with his Lord.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Chemo update

I finished my first round of chemo and yesterday began my second.

The first round was pretty bad. Better than the last round in November but worse than the typical first round. They used less pre-meds to prepare my body because that is the normal protocol for the first round. The problem, I think, was that I still have toxicity from all the treatments from before. So the chemo hit me like a truck and they had to stop it for an hour and give the pre-meds and let my body recover before giving me the rest. I think the trauma from that affected me the rest of the week.

Yesterday, however, to begin the second round, they gave all the pre-meds, as well as an extra relaxant to make me drowsy throughout it. (Maybe to keep from from complaining?) My body seemed to do pretty well. That seemed to get me off on a better trajectory this week.

I miss everything. People, work, friends, enemies, chores, traffic, church, taste buds, wine, sushi, Fry's.


John said...

Let me know when I should come and I will darken your door. It's been a year since I saw you last.

Barb Dawson said...

Greg although I have never met you (I went to college with your Mom and Dad) I am overwhelmed at your courage, positive attitude and ability to share with others your journey. You have given us incredible insight which may help when others near to us or us take a similar trip. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I'll have a glass of wine for you...hopefully to toast your success you'll enjoy a glass soon ...maybe someday we can share a glass of wine together.
Barb Dawson

Sarah Hazel said...

Are you in Houston? If you are up to it, Reese and I can come over tonight....

Ruth said...

You and Christine continue to be in our prayers daily. We miss you guys.
John & Ruth

Ed & Mary Howard said...

Greg, it's good to hear from you. God Bless you. Keep up the fight. Mary and I keep you in our thoughts and prayers. I went to school with your Dad and Mother at DU a long time ago. In fact Mary and I spent the night with them at KU. We have had some great times with them. We know that you and your family will have the blessings it takes to lick this disease. Ed & Mary

Roland Lindh said...

I know now that the chemo was worse than usual since you did NOT say that you missed golf! It must have been tough, but then had you seen me play recently I suppose that some things are really worse than others and a day on the links with me would have been one of them.
I read the Mark Noll book "Turning Points" I purchased the last time we were together on the 13 most important events in Christian history and found wonderful reading. In fact, his discussion on Nicea and Chalcadon was better and more informative than anything I had read previously. Thanks for pointing it out.

Nils said...

Greg, is that Fry’s as in Fry’s Electronics or fries as in french? I consider periodic doses of both to be indispensable aspects of the good life.

Carl said...

While I'm enjoying all the things that you aren't enjoying, I'll be thinking of you and Christine and asking God in His Son's Holy Name to give you both an equal or better measure of comforts

Bud and Suzanne Hopkins said...

Everyone seems to have something really cleaver to say to you; I can't think of a thing except to say that Bud and I love your spirit, your tenacity and sheer courage. I am envious that anyone experiencing what you are still has a sense of humor. You hang in there!

Willeyne Berger said...

Greg and Christine,
Although I have never met Christine, I have a picture of your wedding and of course, greg's parents Judy and Jim remain our best friends from college also. We are continuing to pray for you Greg and Christine. *That's my mom's middle name and also my granddaughter's middle name.
All I can say and will continue to say, how remarkable both of you have been throughout all these years. As you know I have been through some but your courage and drive has helped me get through my ordeal. Love to you both and give your parents a big hug for me! Willeyne

Margie (Mrs. Ed Cole) said...

Greg, I was checking on Ty Parrish, my nephew Jeff's son, and happened to see your posting and update. I will keep you in my prayers...I can testify that they work. Hang in there and keep up the good attitude...that works as well. Give my love to your Mom and Dad.