The Struggle Has Ended

Greg Hewlett passed away on January 17th after nearly eight years of battling colon cancer. While we grieve his loss, we are comforted to know that he is with his Lord.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tests and surgeon appointment this week

I have completed my four rounds of chemo since the last scan. It was tough going, but I made it. Christine's pain condition only seems to persist, even worsen. We're a pretty pitiful pair.

This Thursday I'm going to get some scans at MD Anderson to see if the chemo is effective. I meet with the surgeon, Dr. Hofstetter, that afternoon to see if he thinks the two lymph node tumors are rescectable. I'll likely just fly down for the apt and conference call with Christine for the appointment. The doctors continue to talk as though it is a long shot, so as not to get up hopes, but at the same time, they say my situation has been unique and they are open to the possibility. Dr. Hofstetter does not need the radiologist to read the scan, so I'll meet with him right afterwards on Thursday afternoon to get the results.

Some of you wondered if I got the prosthesis. I guess I was not too clear in the blog, but yes, I did. I am getting used to it and still need to go back for a couple of days for some more adjustments. Overall, I'm very pleased and comfortable on it.

It has finally cooled off here in Dallas. I went out back on the porch for a long sit this afternoon. Just sitting looking at the grass. Time flies when you are lost in empty thoughts. I love grass.


Leslie said...

Praying for you and Christine. The picture of you and the fish always cracks me up. :)

John said...

Greg, we keep praying for you. John and Phyllis

Bob McKenzie said...

Greg, It may have cooled off in Dallas, but we continue to break records in Houston .... bring you shorts !! Call if you need any help while here. Bob

Gay said...

Dear Greg,
I, too, sat out on my patio today and contemplated the leaves which had fallen from the 40+ foot oak tree that Gene planted 35 years ago as a sapling about 1" in diameter. My mother, who was visiting, said, "Gene, do you think that will ever amount to anything?" He confidently said, "Yes, I think it will." It is very often hard, almost impossible,for me to accept, but I have to believe that God's plan - whether for us or an oak tree - whatever it may be - is the best plan.
You and Christine are always in my prayers.
In Christ's love,

Sarah said...

We are amazed at your continued strength to endure these additional rounds of chemo. Our thoughts will be with you and Chris on this next meeting with the surgeon. I am very sorry that Christine is doing so poorly. I really hope to talk with her sometime soon.

BoB E. said...

Happy Tuesday Greg & Christine:
Keep in mind, an aging sailor and his bride keep you in their prayers and thoughts. Have shared your page with those here who are going through similar challenges.
God Bless,
BoB E & Sandra

Bud and Suzanne Hopkins said...

Bud and I sat on the back porch today too. We were contemplating what a visually beautiful world we live in. It will be even more beautiful when you get good news from the doctors.
You and Christina are in our prayers!
Bud and Suzanne

Josh G said...

Thanks for the update, Greg! Our family will continue praying for you and Christine, specifically that surgery would come soon and be effective. We love you guys. Josh G

Josh G said...

Thanks for the update, Greg! Our family will continue praying for you and Christine, specifically that surgery would come soon and be effective. We love you guys. Josh G

Henry Chu said...

Dear Greg and Christine,
Please do not be afraid nor be discouraged, for our everliving God is with you every step of the way. I have been encouraged by some old hymns, and would like to share them with you
I Sing of Thee by Chas F. Weigle, and music by Gladys Blachard Muller
I sing of Thee, O blessed Christ,
Thou has saved me by Thy grace;
Redeemed by Thee at dreadful price,
With angles I would sing Thy praise.
I sing of Thee, O Blessed savior,
Thy praise shall now my tongue emoloy,
I'll sing of Thee, O Lord forever,
For Thou has filled my soul with job.
I'll sing of Thee, and smile thro' tears
When sorrow comes to make me sad;
For I remember thro' the years,Thy grace
and sing because I'm glad....refrain
Of Thee I'll sing while life shall last,
At home abroad, on land or sea;
And when thro death to life I've passed
Forevermore, I'll sing of Thee....refrain
May all get better.
Humbly in Jesus,

Carl said...

We remain locked in prayer in Jesus's Holy Name for healing for you and Chris

John said...

Some thoughts on grass at