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Greg Hewlett passed away on January 17th after nearly eight years of battling colon cancer. While we grieve his loss, we are comforted to know that he is with his Lord.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Surgery tomorrow

Two weeks ago, I went to MD Anderson for check-up. Things seem to be going well as far as the cancer. There are a few small suspicious areas, but they reamain stable compared with the scans four months earlier. The dr recommended a month of no treatment.

John R accompanied me and we drove back from Houston Tues night. That night I was woke with some abdominal pain. That pain grew during the morning. Long story short, I ended up in the ER with an immense amount of pain and was checked in to Presbyterian-Dallas Hopsital that evening with the dreaded NG tube suctioning my stomach. I have a partial blockage of my small intestine due to scar tissue from a surgery I had several years ago in that area. Things seemed to be progressing nicely once the suction began. Saturday, they removed the tube and by Sunday morning, they thought the intestines were unkinking themselves on their own and I could go home Monday.

But things turned bad Sunday afternoon. (And I'm not talking about Rice getting hammered 17-5 in the College World Series) After hours of misery and vomiting, as things began blocking up again, the doctor decided to reinsert the tube and is now scheduling surgery for tomorrow A.M. at this hospital. I am currently not in pain and feeling about as well as a guy can feel (that is - with a tube up his nose).

I am thirsty. I have not had any food or drink since Wednesday morning. Except a cup of juice and jello on Sunday that ended up in the throw-up pan. It may be true that "man does not live by bread alone" (Mt4). But I do like to eat once in a while. Looks like it'll be another half-week before I get to eat. I'm enjoying thinking about what wonderful meal I'll sink my teeth into. I'll do so with thanksgiving.

My surgeon here and I discussed my going to Houston to have Dr. Rodriguez-Bigas at MDACC perform the surgery as I've grown to trust him and he knows my innards well. But he's out of town this week. So I'm doing it here in Dallas as Presby. The surgery sounds straight-forward. But as Dr. Rod-Big always says, there is no such thing as a simple GI surgery.

One remarkable thing I've noticed - this all seems rather unstressful to me due to the fact that it has nothing to do with cancer.

One request - if there is anyone local for whom it would be convenient to be available to do some pre-surgery errands for me today, please let me know. My parents and family (Peck are in town) have been running back and forth to the hospital all week and we could use someone with some time and energy to assist. The Pecks are returning to St. Louis today and mom&dad live 45 minutes from the hospital.

If you are inclined to pray, please do so for no complications (I am in a weakened state after this week) and that this will not be a recurring issue, as can be the case. Also for Christine, who is continuing to have debilitating head and neck pain. She was able to be with me yesterday, which was great for both of us.

I am not taking calls because I cannot really talk with this tube in my throat. Best way to contact me is email to hewlett at alum dot mit dot edu


Greg Hagerman said...

Greg, I'll be praying for healing and success with these medical procedures you are going through.

George said...

wish you the best Greg,you'll be in my prayers, " GETER DONE" AND have a speedy recovery.

Suzanne Hopkins said...

Greg: I have a doctor's appt. at Presby I tomorrow at 2:15pm. SO, I'll be in your area. What time is the surgery and what could Bud and I do to help.
write me at

Fran said...

greg and christine,
i am not only inclined to pray for you both, but i will pray long and hard. may your surgery be quick, painless and effective. love, fran

Henry Chu said...

I have been thinking about you lately. May the Lord's healing power be upon you and Christine, the same power that exercised in Jesus to raise him from the grave, and seated Him at the right hand fo the Father, far superior and above all those in power and in authority.
Please send me an email. May be myself or my friends from church can run the pre-surgery errands.
Your brother in Christ,

Ruth said...

You and Christine certainly have our prayers!
John & Ruth

David said...

Greg & Christine,
I almost called you to commiserate Rice's awful play, but it sounds like you weren't in any condition to talk. Are you sure it wasn't how the Owls played that made you sick? We will be praying for you!
David and Liliya

Dave Belichick said...

I like what George said: wish you the best Greg,you'll be in my prayers, "GETER DONE" AND have a speedy recovery. May the Celtic Magic be with you.

Brian Marquis said...

Greg & Christine,
Praying for you both...
I look forward to hearing how things 'unravel'.

Leo Schuster said...

I am so sorry to hear about your condition. I'm praying for you.

Miriam Patterson said...

Hi Greg,
Our 4 yr old daughter Charis has been praying every night for God to "please help Mummy's friend Greg to get better". She's been praying for you ever since she saw the picture of you having an MRI scan, which certainly impressed upon her the need to lift you up in prayer! We will be doing that the next few days with added insight and urgency and in faith that God will help to sustain you and Christine.
Love in Christ,
Miriam & Andrew

Greg Richardson said...

I had never seen "Cool Hand Luke" before the entry you wrote (five years ago...good grief!) about CH Luke, the fistfight, and cancer. Now I think of it every time I think of you.
"Still shakin' it, boss!"

Jenny in Idaho said...

All blessings to you, to Christine and to your medical team. Lifting you and yours in prayer is something I can do all the way from Idaho. I would tell you that something like this happened to one of our dogs and the local vet school made her all better...if that would be of comfort. If not, I'll skip it. May the peace that passes all understanding be with you.