The Struggle Has Ended

Greg Hewlett passed away on January 17th after nearly eight years of battling colon cancer. While we grieve his loss, we are comforted to know that he is with his Lord.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Middle of third round

I haven't written since the good news, so here's a little update. I took the intravenous chemo Friday evening. It caused some gastronomical discomfort the following day, but my brother-in-law, Michael, was with me to distract with video games, chess, and baseball. During the chemo infusion I was doing pretty well against him in chess, but then the Zofran kicked in so I'm using that as an excuse for my strategic collapse. Saturday night, we went to see the Astros at the new Minute Maid Park... caught the last two innings... I wasn't moving too fast that day. The tickets were complements of some friends from Rice - Tyler and Ruth Reitmeier. Ruth has come down to the hospital to help out a couple times and I stayed at their house before the chemo. Another friend from Rice, Glen Ragan, came down to stay with me Sunday night at the hotel, because Michael flew back to Philadelphia Sunday.

Monday I felt OK to drive back to Dallas. Since then, I've been continuing the oral stuff twice a day, praying that it will continue to eat away the cancer. I'm feeling more intestinal and stomach discomfort than previous rounds, but still nothing major enough to hold off the chemo. But enough to keep me working quietly at home these days.

Today is a blood drive at my TI site. A friend from work, Darren McCosky, encouraged those giving to donate in my name, which I appreciated. Blood supply is scarce these days, so all this support is helping the community as well as me.

Christine is still not feeling too well. We take care of each other as we can. Thank you for your prayers.


Judy Wu said...

Zofran-induced chess-game-loss is a common phenomenon among cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. The only true cure is complete discontinuation of the offending drug and spontaneous resolution of either the nausea or the underlying cause of nausea. Because such a spontaneous regression of symptoms is elusive during chemotherapy, one out of five patients have to stop playing chess altogether during treatment but are frequently successful when switched to a less demanding distraction, such as Connect Four.
Hang in there, Greg. We're all rooting for you and Christine. Gooooooooooooooo, HEWLETTS!

michael said...

What Greg failed to mention is that on Saturday, he clobbered me in several additional games of chess and four games of Madden football on the PC. Warning to future game opponents...he's on the upswing!

Judy Kovacs said...

I wish I were there to give you two a loving hug. Please know that I am adding my prayers to the heavenly hosts'.

curtis frodge said...

hey greg sorry to hear about your gassy discomfort ill pray specifically for that. classes seem to be going well here at UTA though the ac in out apartment doesnt seem to want to work :( consequentally ive been taking a lot of showers haha been meeting some people here and there which is nice, theres no RUF here so ive been hanging out with the BSM baptist student ministry everyone there is real nice and welcoming so thats exciting for me. how long are you in dallas for? i wish i was comming home this weekend so i could see you guys but me and my fam are going out of town so hopefully some time soon. ill be praying for you guys and i hope you kept the goatie! haha

Araceli Jonsson said...

We've been having some gastrointestinal discomfort over here too. Here's something for a laugh for you. Matias had a yucky one yesterday and said, mommy, my "caca" smells like cheetos. Nils said that this proves his point that cheetos are disgusting. I have to admit, I'm not rearing to eat them eather.