The Struggle Has Ended

Greg Hewlett passed away on January 17th after nearly eight years of battling colon cancer. While we grieve his loss, we are comforted to know that he is with his Lord.

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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Procedure complete. No definite results.

Dr. Lee performed the procedure this morning after my vital signs proved to be normal. During the colonoscopy, he hopefully obtained useful tissue samples of the nodule. I say "hopefully" because it turned out that not only is the nodule in an "obscure" place, but it appeared nearly the same as the surrounding tissue on the ultrasound. Thus, he couldn't tell where to aim the biopsy needle. So he took six biopsies in all, using last week's CT scan images as a guide. I am reminded of the blindfolded guy who throws daggers at the spinning girl, but I doubt Dr. Lee would put it that way. He really does seem to be a fine doctor and he probably got the samples he needs. With all the searching and numerous biopsies, the procedure took two hours. That is about the duration of my original colon surgery! It made no difference to me, as I was peacefully tripping on ether.

I will probably get the results tomorrow or Friday. If the results of the biopsy are inconclusive -- get this -- we'll do the procedure again next week using a CT scan machine to guide the doctor in where to shoot the needle. The nodule appears more clearly on the CT scan than on the ultrasound.

Looking at the shadowy ultrasound printouts, I couldn't avoid the melancholy train of thought that this machine ought to be used for looking for babies, not for blobs of cancer.

Dr. Hoff had to leave town for urgent business so I cannot meet with him tomorrow. I may stick around to meet with Dr. Vauthey instead on Friday.


John Slaughter said...

Hang in there Greg!

Wes and Cindy Hauser said...

Thanks for keeping everyone current on what's going on with you. Our prayers continue for you and Christine. Our love to you both.

Dan & Syd said...

OH Greg,
Please don't get discouraged. God is still on His throne and "in control."
We are praying so hard for you.
Love In Christ,
Dan and Syd

Madeleine said...

Seems that Oswald Chambers has several entries in MY UTMOST FOR HIS HIGHEST about our faithfulness in the drudgeries and non-galmourous aspects of life being the things that God uses for our good and His glory. To Him be the Glory on this road He has mapped out for you as you are patient and faithful. Thanks for letting us know how to pray. Much love to you both! You are precious in His sight and we all love you, Greg and Christine.

Carl said...

Your sense of humour concerning serious situations reminds me of John Wayne's ability to deliver some really witty lines in some tough situations. I do hope the doctor doesn't have your website. I'm not sure they would see the blind dagger thrower and the spinning girl in the same humourous light. We're hanging tight with you, Christine and the Lord.

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