The Struggle Has Ended

Greg Hewlett passed away on January 17th after nearly eight years of battling colon cancer. While we grieve his loss, we are comforted to know that he is with his Lord.

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Sunday, June 1, 2003

My email

My email is hewlett @ ti . com


Nils Jonsson said...

Hey, man, don�t know if you and/or Christine will really be checking TI e-mail, but I wrote to you there tonight. If I should put my thoughts in a snail-mail envelope, let me know.
-- //.

Carl said...

Will email all brothers and sisters in Christ a prayer request for complete healing. I know that the prayers of a righteous man do not go unheeded by God. One of these will be the righteous man. Only God knows.
Think golf.

Jerry McFarland said...

I just received an email from Josh Geiger regarding your situation. Needless to say my heart was heavy at the news but immediately drawn to seek the Lord on your behalf. I think most of the Westminster community now knows but I will be sure to pass the news along.
I thank the Lord for you and Christine and cherish the memories of your time here. I will keep in touch by way of your website which is a real blessing and I'll try to keep the community informed. We will be especially praying for you this week that the Lord would guide the surgeons and that He would do a great work in your body and your spirit.
The Lord bless you and keep you this day and always.
In Him,
Jerry McFarland

Pete & Sally Rasmussen said...

Greg & Christine, We were deeply saddened to hear your news of cancer. Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers daily. With love, Pete & Sally

Denise Rebetsky said...

As you can well imagine, we were quite shaken to hear the news of your cancer. Having to tell Luke and Nicole the news was the most difficult part. Luke's response was "Mom, maybe he'll have a strong recovery" to which I responded "we are hoping and praying that he will." Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Greg. Your website is truly a blessing for those of us too far away to be available to you and Christine the way we would like to be. I eagerly await your postings and truly admire that you can share your deepest feelings with the world after such an ugly and incomprehensible revelation. We know you have the courage and strength to fight the big fight and will continue to pray for you. Everything is truly in God's hands.
Love, Denise

Vince Corvino said...

Greg & Christine,
no words can express the heaviness of our hearts when we learned of the news. We have been praying for healing and confort for both you guys, and will continue. The Monday Morning Group had a special time of prayer.
Vince Corvino & Family

John & Debbie Ciavola said...

Anytime is a great time to get back in touch with good friends! See what happens to you when you leave the great East Coast?? Micheal called us last week to let us know about this fine mess you have gotten yourself into this time, so we cranked up the prayer machine. Our Church assembly prayed for you the very next day. Also, I passed along your story to a very good friend of mine who belongs to a different Church than ours and his Church is also praying for you. We know that you are fighting this thing hard - don't let up - it can be beat. My Mother beat serious liver cancer and I know you can too. We will keep praying for both you and Christine - For the strength to persevere through this fight, For the strong faith that is required to see past this tough time, and see brighter days ahead,
For the endless hope that God blessed us all with through His Son on Calvary,
For the endurance to rise and battle every day,
And for the Love that is strong within your bond of marriage.
Our prayers are with you both.
We will be looking forward to reading your updates on your webpage.
John and Debbie
P.S. We think this whole web page is such a cool idea. What a great way for everyone to stay updated and communicate with one another!

curtis frodge said...

the testimony of your trials is brings tears to my eyes. i know God is working in you and through you there for His good. i have noticed that through all trials i experience and push through with Gods help alone, though they are extremely difficult, they seem to grow in their rewards from God to me and my family. i am praying for you as well as your family my brother in Christ! i pray that God will give you the strength to endure all this, the opportunities to share His love, and the courage to do so.
on another note i thought you might enjoy hearing abit about the missions trip and how it went. we just got back on thursday. everything there went very very well. we ran a little soup kitchen of sorts where anyone could come in and get tea coffee or soup. it was a great outreach there in newquay. we just sat there and talked with people, most of which we had the opportunity to share the gospel with so that was exciting!!theres a quick overview of that part of the trip, if you would like i will tell you more. i truely believe God really worked there and he was very much glorified. i have to get back to work here but i will be praying for you feel better and God bless.

Mary Rynsburger said...

Dear Greg,
I got on your site today and caught up with all that has been happening to you. I'm so sad to know that you have had these serious diagnoses and for how hard this must be for you and Christine. I just wanted you to know that I love you both and I will always feel connected to you from our days back at Rice, even if I haven't seen you two much in the last 10 years or so! I'm thankful that we had the chance to see you at the reunion this past spring. One of my first thoughts after I heard the news about your cancer was to remember back to your devo at the reunion, and that you had chosen the topic of suffering. You and Christine have had more than your share of it. This world is a painful, tragic, disappointing, unsafe place. I'm thankful that it is not our home.
I'm praying for you both.

bret smith said...

Hey senor,
I just spoke with Christine and your folks out front. I havn't seen your dad in a while. Nice and fortuitous that it was when I am sweaty, grass all over me from the yard on a nice balmy 100 degree Texas afternoon. We shook hands and he quickly backed off to a less malodorous spot.Ha. No hug from Christine either, I think I'm beginning to sense a trend here.
Your dad told me to check out the site, and drop a line. I've also sent an email to Mike; as shannon and I are so close, please use us for anything you need. Just ask.
It did spark the ol' grey matter on reflection though. Made me think of the time in the 6th grade when we palyed ball together. We're losing by one. Seiji is on first and Rusty Gantenbien is on third. You're at bat. We're playing a red colored team and I think we must have been tied, because we needed Rusty to score. A bloop single to center and you brought Rusty in to score. Don't really remember if we want on to win or not, but I do remember the look on your face as you got to first. That look is one thing I've always remembered when you've crossed my mind.
The other. Your commencement at graduation. We never ran in the same circles then. My mind is just not wired the way yours is, but out of all those kids we graduated with I knew the top dog. I was proud of you. I wanted to borrow your stole for pictures, but I thought it might be in bad taste. Instead I borrowed Mary Dew's. She was number five out of the class - that wasn't quite as bad of taste. Ha. I mean one way or the other I had to have proof for my kids that I graduated with honors. I know, I know, it's cheap and shallow, but a picture says a thousand words.
Greg, our paths have crossed off and on in our lives, and they still will. Anything that comes up, please ask us. We'll be honored to assist.
Thoughts and prayers,
Bret Smith

Carson and Wendy Tavenner said...

Greg and Christine,
I'm writing to you from our new home in Japan. I am so sorry to hear all that has happened in the short months since the reunion. Christine, I would love to be able to talk to you. If you send me your phone number it's actually quite reasonable for me to call you from here, (your tax dollars at work =) !) Anyhow, Carson and I have been reading through all the info trying to catch up - wish we could be there to share hugs. We're 14 hours ahead of you, so if you want to know anything about your "tomorrow" just ask =). At least this is an easy way to have someone praying for you as you sleep. Speaking of sleep, you're about to wake up now, which means I should be going to bed. We love you so much!
Wendy, for the Tavenners

John Van Scoter said...

Greg, My thoughts and prayers are with you as you continue to show strength and faith at this time in your life.
Your courage is an inspiration and I hope to see you well in the near future.
Best Regards,

joanne and barry durman said...

Dear Greg...
Just in case you don't recognize the name, we are your neighbors across the street! It was so good to chat with Christine a few weeks ago even though she told us of your story. We prayed with her and asked for your email address so we can keep up with your progress. The website is wonderful and so encouraging in many ways. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you...God bless