The Struggle Has Ended

Greg Hewlett passed away on January 17th after nearly eight years of battling colon cancer. While we grieve his loss, we are comforted to know that he is with his Lord.

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Thursday, June 5, 2003

First morning poem

The morning after my original diagnosis, I awoke early and sat down at my computer. This is what I wrote.

evils converge
for some reason I had in the back
of my mind
a thought.
the thought whispered that the first fight,
the first hurdle,
the first dragon,
the first evil.
the first time I got cancer � would suffice.
the beauty and balance that attracted me to math,
turned my ear towards jazz,
delighted me with love,
caused me to see the beauty of the Creator,
somehow also led me to believe that
the first evil would suffice.
I nurtured that thought, feeding it well.
while all the while knowing that it had
nothing from the beautiful Creator on which to hang.
the plan I assumed was written on my heart
the perfect number sequence optimized.
then I came to find out it did not suffice.
a second evil.
showing its face unashamedly.
24-bit color on a digital colon camera.
no correlation.
unfortunate coincidence.
without bias on my body of 35 years.
Dr. Wilkofsky shakes his head.
two evils converging upon my soul.
beauty will not allow them to prevail.
it cannot.
He must not.
May 30, early morning, day after diagnosis


Judy said...

Bravo, Greg. You've articulated your heart and mind very poignantly here, as well as sentiments that so many people and patients silently experience. Thank you for sharing your lyrics with us. Keep writing!

mark hewlett said...

I admire you as a person and always have. You have an unusual blend of hope, understanding and intellectual depth that make you a rare person. I will be reading your updates and keeping you in my thoughts.
mark hewlett

Jan Hurst said...

Greg, you have always been someone that I looked up to because of your resilience, faith, and love. (And, physically, you are tall!) You are so very talented and smart, but remain so compassionate to others and full of vigor to overcome your own challenges. What a dynamo you are!!! I think about you so much and pray for your speedy win of this new battle. You're my hero! God speed to you and Christine......Love, Jan

bradenbaugh said...

Greg, that was wonderful, thank you for sharing what was in your heart. We are praying for you by the hour. Remember Christ is the big C and cancer is the little c.
Maria & Craig Bradenbaugh